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500 Most Important One Word Substitutions

One Word Substitutions: In this post, we are share 500 Most Important One Word Substitutions for students. All these One Word Substitutions come in different tests.

One Word Substitutions

Altruist: A lover of mankind.

Ambidexterous: One who can use either hand with ease.

Anarchist : One who is out to destroy all governments, peace and order.

Arbitrator: A person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute.

Athiest: A person who does not believe in God.

Amphibian: Animals that live both on land and sea.

Aquatic : Animals that live in water.

Anonymous: Bearing no name

Asylum: A place for lunatics and political refugees.

Anarchy: Absence of Governmet.

Autonomy: The right of self-government.

Agenda: A list of business matter at a meeting

Alliance: A state of relationship formed between

Anthology : A collection of poems.

Antidote : A medicine to counteract poison.

Bankrupt : One who is unable to pay his debts.

Bigamy : The practice of having two wives or husbands at a time.

Band : A group of musicians, followers.

Battery: A group of heavy guns.

Bench: The office of judges or magistrates.

Brood : A family of young ones.

Carcass: The dead body of an animal.

Cannibal: 3 One who feeds on human flesh.

Carnivorous : One who feeds on flesh.

Cosmopolitan : A person who regards the whole world as his country.

Cynic : One who sneers at the beliefs of others.

Cloakroom : A place for luggage at a railway station.

Creche : A nursery where children of working parents are cared for while their parents are at work.

Cemetery: a graveyard where the dead are furied.

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