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Dakshin Dinajpur Tourism in West Bengal – South Dinajpur

Dakshin Dinajpur

BALURGHAT – Balurghat is the district headquarters of South and Dakshin Dinajpur. The Raghunathpur forest is only 1 km away from Balurghat. Dogachhi forest is located 6 km from the main town .You will find  a canal with boating facility available there . A forest department bungalow is available in Raghunathpur.
SARONGBARI – It is an favourite picnic spot in a small forest. There is a small hut and drinking water facilities  available for the travelers. 


BANGARH – About 45km from Balurghat town, is Bangarh, a historic place. The numerous excavations done here has made this region significant.Historically a very important place in South Dinajpur.  Most of the ancient ruins in the district were found belong to   the Mauryan era up to the Muslim period. During the Gupta period, it was the capital of Koti Barsha district in erstwhile Pundra Vardhana Bhukti Pradesh(North Bengal). Many ancient remnants including statue of century, manuscript of king Naipala of the 11th century, walls of buildings, pillars of an old Vishnu temple, statues , etc were discovered here which  dates back to the Gupta period. Professor Kunia Gobinda Goswami led an excavation team in 1938-1941.  . This place is 65 km from Malda.

HILI – It is situated along the Indo-Bangladesh international border. It is 25 km  from Balurghat. You can find one tourist bungalow owned by the Public Works Department.
COLLEGE MUSEUM – A small museum in Balurghat. Many valuable collections of antiques like  coins, sculptures, terracotta, inscriptions and ornamental stones from ancient periods. 
BOLLA KALI TEMPLE – The temple is ocated 20 km from Balurghat.The temple is a famous for a legend. A zamindar was arrested by the British for not paying his taxesw when Goddess Kali had rescued him. Then the zamindar built a temple here known as the Bolla Kali Temple.
TAPAN – The place is located 35 km away from Balurghat town. The place is famous for  the lake called Tapan Dighi. It has a mound on the northern side which dates back to  times of Lord Buddha.

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